Getting Out of a Abusive Relationship

Dangerous Relationship

You weren’t able to read the warning signs in time, or despite knowing that they were there you still couldn’t get of the dangerous relationship you are in. I know what that’s like. With me, theman in question and I were never dating, but even so he was the most abusive relationship I have ever experienced in my life. He would try to turn me against my friends, he pushed the guy I actually liked away, he lied to me more than he told the truth, he would call me all the time and get verbally abusive if I didn’t answer him back right away, he would freak out when I was spending time with another man, he would force me to do certain “things”, he would threaten me, he said he would follow me all over the world, and all of this from a man I wasn’t even in a relationship with. Having him in my life in anyway made me physically sick, I didn’t sleep well, I was always scared and defensive, I was miserable and I knew he was the reason. Yet despite that it took me a long time to flat out tell him I didn’t want him in my life, it took me awhile to physically fight him back and to end it. And even after all of that and many years later he is still trying to track me down and still wants a part of my life. The thing is even though he made me miserable I still couldn’t get myself out of the “relationship”. I knew how, I knew what had to be done. I could have told my mom, talked to the school, talked to the police, done any number of things and I didn’t. I was furious with myself for not doing anything and yet I still couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t doing anything. To be honest even know I’m not really sure why I didn’t get out of the relationship but it will remain the biggest regret of my entire life.

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